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Black blank window when opening lv2 plugin

Dear Rui!

When I launch e.g. the kmeter lv2-plugin from the mixer then two windows are opened - the plugin and a black blank window:
It does not happen with calf lv2-plugins. I am using the latest version of qtractor with the doomed qt4 on Xubuntu 16.04. Do you have any idea how to remmedy this behaviour?

Thanks and greetings, Michael

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hi babarosa,

I'm afraid I have no magic bullet to what might be the cause for this behavior: it maybe an old suil_x11_in_qt4 as I suppose the kmeters are on x11 and not gtk2 like the calf.

anyway, yes, qt4 is going the way of the dodo ... all support will be extinguished by the end of the year.


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