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LV2 fail to load

we'd like to report that Samplv1 and Synthv1, both as LV2s, fail to load in Carla - see attachment.
Other LV2s do load.

We checked with lv2_validate your LV2 but see no errors - see other attachment.

Also, Qtractor crashes when trying to load the latest builds of Samplv1 (29 August 2018). Synthv1 does load in Qtractor however.

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lv2_validate do not apply to samplv1_jack (standalone jack client, not the lv2 plugin entity) whatsoever!

i think that the samplv1.lv2 plugin, as the other v1's, are dynamically linking to old but wrong shared object/libraries (.so)--can i hear the old mantra from "dll hell"? yes that's what i'm talking about, only this time it's linux, not windows :)

maybe you have to install the newer (git head) lv2 plugin bundle anyway, for sure and that should end and point to the same and common base libraries (eg. and

and be sure to get rid of any and all remains from older v1's installations, be that under /usr/lib* , /usr/local/lib* or else, ~/.lv2/...

nb. when testing this whole stuff from the bleeding edge you should uninstall any previous version and only after that you should install the new one--that must be also the rule whenever you wish to backout to the former state (eg. previous sane release).


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