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re loop end for example

just to be sure:
- it is correct to assume that changing the loop end locater can be changed visually during the note but has no audible effect?
- the loop end locater should be set just before the note is played?
(can't attach a video as attaching is limited to 1Mb - sorry)

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hi Menno

as a rule, ALL changes to offset and loop ranges will be only meaningful to the next playable notes; current(ly) playing notes won't be (ever) affected by changing offset/loop-START points, obviously; they might, just might be probabilistically affected (or not at all) by any of changing offset/loop-END points--it is not, won't ever be, a sample-accurate operation of sorts--i wonder how it could ever be any other way.

like a pro gambler, you'll just have to play with all the odds in mind ;)


Something to add to the manual :)

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