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in the attached video:
The sequencer changes the Start Loop locater and End Loop Locater sending CC14 and CC15 values just before a note.
As you can see parameter window from the LV2 in Carla: in the GEN sample window the Start Loop locater reacts, the End Loop locater does not.
can you verify that this a bug?

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no, it is not a bug.

as you are changing the loop-start point the loop-end relative position changes accordingly, meaning that the relative loop-end point position has gone out of sync to the external MIDI controller value and it has now to play catch-up to make it hooked back again :)

offset/loop points that are set on the main GUI are absolute / concrete positions (in sample time or frame units); however, the controllable/automatable LV2 plugin input control ports there having the same name (ie. offset/loop-start/end) are always expressed in relative / abstract normalized units (eg. a percentage)--i believe this has been discussed on github issue#20 where you participated.

hope it gets now clearer--t's a dang feature, not quite a bug ;)


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