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No End III

video is attached:
what i notice that, even when the GEN1 Offset is not On anymore, the Start Loop still acts as thou it is. When i move the Start Loop slider all the way to the left to 0, it stops at the point where once the Offset had its Offset locater.

(ALL my videos concern the LV2 version of Samplv1)

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maybe fixed on v0.9.2.34git+

try again, please

ps. can't you edit a forum's topic, the 1st message on a thread, and there add additional attachments?

takes some time to test. Moving the locators to their position takes some time as i found out, so i first need to send the Offset locators as a pair with some space between them, then the Loop locator as a pair with some space between them so the actually line up.
Also, Reaper has the habit off setting all CCs to 0 before starting to play a part with midi notes- thus confusing the sluggish locators and causing them to stick. I asked a Q in the Reaper forum if there is an option to prevent it from sending all those resets to 0.
I'll report back when i have some news.

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hi Menno,

please, don't let Reaper / Carla stop you on this--they are not the best combination to take automation into the heights it fully deserves (at least as far as LV2 plugins can go ;))

as a matter of fact, as I think I've already told you or anybody else in another thread(s) somewhere else now and then, several times, MIDI CC/controller "automation" is nothing more or less than poor-(wo)man's automation ... that being said, let ardour and/or yours truly qtractor take the torch and do some real-(wo)man automation for ya ;)


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