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Qsynth 0.5.2 cmake build fails

Missing src/

Plain text icon qsynth052_cmake.txt221 bytes
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hi, take note:
1. cmake is not really the official recommended build system for qsynth; please use autoconf et al.
2. if building an rpm package, as i believe you are, please take the supplied qsynth.spec(.in) file as baseline;
3. if you still insist using cmake to build qsynth, note that is not a template anymore for ages; the exact source file is src/qsynth.desktop (without the .in suffix); so please fix your CMakeList.txt files accordingly;
4. latest git head master probably has a better suited cmake configuration baseline; you can try that out instead (bonus points: compliance to newer fluidsynth >= 2.0.0 ;)).


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Actually I believe it still fails even with the git head version.

Anyway, I've switched back to autoconf and backported the relevant patches, all is well now.

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