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Is this normal?

Ehi, how it comes that after I run the upgrade from Xubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS Samplv1 e Drumkv1 have a different look into my DAW?! Is that normal?!

Here is it a screenshot:

Thanks for your help!


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yes, it might be normal...

from the menu Help > Configure... > Custom style theme, try something else but "(default)"...

it all depends on which and how many Qt widget styles you have installed ... looking at your screenshot it looks like the default widget style is the most despicable one there is: "windows" :)

my favorite is "Fusion" and that's exactly the one you see on the official screenshots here and there ;)

I see :-)

Tried, but unfortunatly, don't know why, but doing as you say it doesn't offer any other choice rather the "default". Where sould I get other Qt widget styles?! :-)

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It must be in some libQt5 related packages from your distro...

on the one I use (openSUSE Tumbleweed, RPM based, though) the most basic Qt5 widget styles comes on a package named libqt5-qtstyleplugins... of course I know near to nothing about ubuntu/debian packaging naming conventions :)


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Debian and Ubuntu offer these packages:

qt5-style-plugins - Qt 5 extra widget styles
kde-style-oxygen-qt5 - Qt decoration for the Oxygen desktop theme
kde-style-qtcurve-qt5 - QtCurve widget style for applications based on Qt 5.x

The first one contains the Cleanlooks, Motif, Plastique and GTK+ 2 styles

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To my knowledge, you will also need "qt5ct" to "activate/adjust" the new Qt widget styles:

Dear Rui, IMHO, qt4 is much better anyway :-)

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qt4 support will be gone for good before the years end, on all qstuff here.

qt4 is dead.

please don't beat a dead horse.


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