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Sample pre-load preview?

First of all Hallo and THANK YOU for great opensource software! (Please excuse my ignorance but until now I was completely unaware that the same person is behind Vee One, qjackctl, qsampler, qtractor etc seriously WTF?!?! You ROCK man!!!
Anyways I have a question concerning samplv1: Is there a possibility to preview sample file before actually loading it? Like, you know, just by clicking on it in browser window - it doesn't seem to work for me but probably I'm just dumb.

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nope, there is none

however you're not the first to ask: :)

anyways as also implied back then, you can use any competent file-manager and just drag-and-drop over samplv1 to settle it in.

wholly thanks anyway

Ok I get it.
Just want to say that it would be sooo cool to have this preview option - it would make the workflow much more smooth and well... elegant. Maybe you'll reconsider to implement it sometime ;)
Anyways thanks again for all your amazing job

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