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synthv1 oscillators output volume

i'm trying to start programming synthv1 , but i don't know how to edit the output volumes in the bottom right side - it seems not responding, even with imported presets. i'm pretty sure that that it's my mistake. Need help...

the same with the pad synth, drum synth, and the sampler. With filters cutoff amount also... Maybe the problem is with Carla plugin host?

xubuntu 18.04 and kxstudio repositories.

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indeed that's a bug in v0.9.2 affecting the LV2 plug-in form only; the jack stand-alone is ok.

it has been fixed a couple of months ago though since v0.9.3
however it seems the kxstudio repos are way overdue on this...
please recommend on the kxstudio ops. to update for the latest and greatest (v0.9.4)

thanks && cheers

I will recommend there. I cannot compile from source and need .deb installer.

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