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USB Controllers with same name

Using a few Worlde Easy Control controllers, and there seems to be some difficulty registering them all in qjackctl.
Seems like it wants to see them all as the same device and gets confused wrt routing for each unit. Is there a way to make each unit appear individually for connection-adding, instead of one entry for all same-named devices? Client/Port alias options in display preferences appear to have no effect. Thx

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Not QjackCtl, nor JACK is responsible to register device names whatsoever; this is mainly an ALSA issue perhaps.

If those ALSA devices present as the very same name (see eg. cat /proc/asound/cards, then you're probably left alone to designate each one by their hardware device number, eg. hw:0, hw:1, etc. and that, in the case at hand of USB devices, hugely depends on what and where USB port you're plugging in and that may vary on each and every system boot, and to make things worse, on each USB host controller, whatever.

There are, or at least there were indeed, means to override this and name each identical device as unique, depending on which USB port or slot the device is hanging. However none of that is QjackCtl or JACK business, sorry. Please get advice from the ALSA, udev and ultimately the kernel team, as far as to reach a persistent, stable device naming configuration. But have no illusions, whatever solution you may get, it will be always specific to the host machine and system, kernel. It is nothing that can be controlled by user space software (like JACK or QjackCtl).

I've been told that Ubuntu Studio (the distro) has made something that might (or not) be helpful in this regard--i guess its called "Ubuntu Studio Controls"--but TBH. never tried it.

That said, I'm afraid I can't give you no further help in there, so sorry again.


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