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How I use qtractor and Konfyt

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hi windowsrefund

Thanks for link.

I confess I know next to nothing about Konfyt but I guess it's a dedicated linuxsampler client of some sort.

Looking at the video(s) it is somewhat evident that both authors (you and the LMMS one) are using Qtractor as a pure old-school MIDI sequencer to drive external MIDI sound generator modules (Konfyt and LMMS) and not relying on instrument plugins of any sort.

In the Konfyt case, I think the very same is possible with linuxsampler-lv2 plugin inserted in a MIDI output bus (and using yours truly Qsampler to setup the sampler channels; much like the UI of Konfyt as it seems).

What do you think?


Hi rncbc,

Konfyt is a soundfont library. It pretty much acts like Carla Rack when it's used to host sf2/sf2 instruments. The difference here is that Konfyt can be accessed via MIDI ports. I can't speak to your questions regarding linuxsampler as I haven't spent time with it. I only wanted to share this workflow/approach as it's got me pretty excited and I think Konfyt is going to be a main workhorse in my setup.

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