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Scaling of UI

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Hi! The synthv1 (0.9.9) honors the qtractor Base font size setting (12 in my case) which is great! But when I enlarge the window, it would be great if the label of the individual knobs etc would widen so as to make room for the text. See attachment.

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unfortunately the "Base font" setting in Qtractor is a left-over from ancient times and not quite very useful these days of HiDPI screen monitors ;)
i'd rather suggest for you to avoid that move and please try with the QT_SCALE_FACTOR environment variable to scale up the whole presentation eg. run `QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2 /path/to/qtractor` and enjoy an overall plus 20% smooth scaling of all things :)

That did the trick, thanks!


Unfortunately, this seems to mess upp the display of a bunch of plugins. Eg the GxReverb-Stereo plugin that I am using. The GUI just flickers between different sizes, other plugins (eg Calf Reverb) incrementally resizes (gets larger). Sorry, can't attach an image to a comment.

With no scaling, and using the GxReverb-Stereo plugin: I can open it once and it works ok. The next time I open it, it generates two windows, one empty and one with the GUI in it. Closing these two crashes qtractor.

Also, I now get the following message:

Error opening file /usr/lib/lv2/share/manifest.ttl (No such file or directory)
lilv_world_load_file(): error: Error loading file `file:///usr/lib/lv2/share/manifest.ttl'
lilv_world_load_bundle(): error: Error reading file:///usr/lib/lv2/share/manifest.ttl

I think there is something messed up with my Debian 9 installation. I started with the kxstudio repos.

I get the same kind of strange plugin behavior in a newly compiled Muse.

Running on a fresh Debian 10 plugins works fine. I think I will compile everything from source (except for new AppImages of qjackctl and qtractor).

One issue solved, one remains:

1. Did a clean install of Debian 10 stable.

2. Doenloaded the latest appimages of QJackCtl and Qtractor.

3. Compiled the Vee One suite

4. Compiled the latest version of the Calf Suite.

The Calf Plugins (and of course the Vee One suite) works fine now, I can open them multiple times w/o problems. [SOLVED]

But with the QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2 /path/to/qtractor "hack" the Calf plugins GUI's still expand continously.

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But with the QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2 /path/to/qtractor "hack" the Calf plugins GUI's still expand continously.

well the "hack" only really works on qt5 applications and children widgets (plugins)... behavior is undefined on any other toolkits which may of course misrepresent the (new altered) screen hidpi scaling... i am not sure nor have any improvise or clue on how to solve this conundrum, so to speak: maybe the best route is about not making any "hack" at all and live with the default screen scale (factor=1.0) for the time being (kinda one-size-fits-all rule)

sorry hyu. ;)

Yeah well, this "hunt" led me to a better working fresh install and a better understanding (and willingness to) of compiling, so I am happy anyway! :)

One solution is to lower the resolution of the display. That works.

Thank you for taking your time with this!


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