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[SOLVED] Making the on screen keyboard work

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The new keyboard at the bottom of the UI is a great idea, but I get no sound. I can control the synthv1 from a qtractor track w/o problem, and the small MIDI "lamp" bottom right lights up in the synthv1 GUI, but no sound is produced.


Hmmm...restarting qtractor resolved the issue for the current project.

But if I start a new project and add a track with the synthv1, I don't get any sound at all until a create a clip. And even then the synthv1 GUI keyboard wont produce sounds, only notes in the piano roll...strange. I must have missed something?

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i don't quite understand what's going on there but from memory it probably has to do with sessions previously saved on an old version of synthv1 and now you're trying to load them with a newer version of it... it's (probably) about dwelling the low and high note keyboard range being reset to none (which was the case on the older versions of synthv1 that did not featured the piano keyboard) please check it out....
hint: when that happens please hover either of the edges of the keyboard and click+drag to widen it up... and then save the session.

I compiled 0.9.9 of the Vee One suite today, so you are right in that I ran a new version.

Saving the session and then opening it up seems to do the trick!

I didn't know you could resize the on screen GUI keyboard, nice.

Thank you!


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