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[SOLVED] padthv1 not loading in muse

When starting the latest version (from Git) of MusE I get the followin error(s) in the terminal:

error: failed to expand CURIE `lv2patch:writable'
lilv_world_load_file(): error: Error loading file `file:///usr/lib/lv2/padthv1.lv2/padthv1.ttl'

I don't know if the two lines are connected. I also don't get any more info when running: muse3 -D. The result is that padthv1 is not available in MusE.

MusE latest, 3.1.0pre1 (from git, compiled)
padthv1: 0.9.9 (compiled)
Debian 10 Buster stable

Tim can reproduce it on Muse and in Qtractor (!):

But padthv1 works fine for me in qtractor.

All the other Vee One machines works great in muse (as LV2 plugins).

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ouch! indeed the "padthv1.ttl "file is faulty!

please edit it (maybe as root) and add/paste the following line somewhere over the head:

@prefix lv2patch: <> .

cheers and thanks.

ps. this mistake has already been fixed on git, so you may wish to checkout from latest head (cf. 06ecd92)...

Great! I made the change and all works fine!

Thank you! :)


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