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[SOLVED] Preset name not saved

I really like the padthv1 for strings and choirs (pads :) )!

And I guess this question applies to the whole Vee One suite.

I have made and saved some presets.

I have a padthv1 LV2 plugin in qtractor.

I select my preset in the padthv1 GUI.

I close the window

When I go back to the GUI the preset name has disappeared, ie the box is blank.

Maybe this is a design decision, but is there any way of knowing which preset I applied to the padthv1 plugin?

My wish would be that the last applied preset name "stuck" in the dropdown in the padthv1 GUI.

Also, the Preset menu choice in the the track right click menu only works for synths with built in presets, right?

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all is working as it should, there's nothing going badly wrong, keep calm ;)

you must know that lv2 plugin presets are not the same as the plugin itself said native presets:

1. vee-one presets (eg. .padthv1 files suffix or extension) are stored as plain xml files anywhere on the file-system; you save and load them from the custom GUI alright (eg. plugin/Edit... in qtractor) and in the same fashion as in the stand-alone application.
2. lv2 presets are quite a different beasts and at least in qtractor they are only accessible and manageable from the generic GUI (ie. plugin/Properties... in qtractor); lv2 presets are plugin state representations that are stored in the (hidden, so to speak) whole lv2 namespace and are not quite accessible from human eyes (but stored in the file-system nevertheless);

note that lv2 presets are the ones that will be listed in the a track instrument preset menu; the v1 native presets won't ever, just because they are only known to the specific plugin model--the plugin host, whatever it be (qtractor, ardour, carla, jalv, etc.) has no f***ing knowledge of these and never will ;)


OK, then I understand! Thank you for the throrough explanation!

And my ambition is, when I have made a bunch of them, to share the V1 plugin presets. I made some interesting ones for padthv1 I think! :) I really like that synth!


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