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LV2 interface not shown (sometimes)


I got this strange behaviour. When double-clicking on a LV2 plugin to show its interface, for some plugins the old LADSPA window is displayed, instead of the LV2 graphical window. Actually, the LV2 interface is shown for a second-fraction flash, then the old LADSPA windows appears. This doesn't happen for all the plugins (e.g. CALF, Invada, Guitarix are working). Therefore, it's possible to access the plugin parameters via the LADSPA style, but sometimes it could be useful to see the new LV2 interface because some plugins (e.g. some EQs, compressors, and others) can show levels, sound waves, etc.

Does anyone know about this issue?

I can't tell if the problem is about Qtractor managing of these LV2 effetcs, or in my o.s. setup and packages in general, since I just use Qtractor. Fidelity has a price :)



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Which plugins are showing this (very) strange erratic UI behavior?

LADSPA plugins don't have a GUI so they are always presented with the generic UI (plugin > Properties...).

No plugin can be LADSPA and LV2 at the same time and instance: it is either LV2 or LADSPA, never both.

Please care to investigate further and detail exactly which plugin(s), where did you installed them from, whether there are duplicates whatever and else you may find relevant to the issue, etc.

And no, I've never saw anything behaving like you've just said.

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