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Changing instrument with MIDI pads

Hi everyone!

For a live setup using Qsynth, my need should be as following...

I have a midi controller which sends on MIDI channel 2 the notes played on keyboard. On channel 1, it sends the "notes" coming from the pads. (this is a factory setting which I cannot change.)

I'd like Qsynth to change instrument when I press the pads. Let's take as example the FluidR3_GM soundfont: I'd like to assign a piano preset to a pad, an organ to another pad, a trumpet on a third pad... and so on. "instrument" changes should be read by Qsynth on channel 1. Channel 2 is receiving the played notes. Is there a way to do this?


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theoretically yes, if you can assign arbitrary Program Change messages (PC) to the pad or button on the MIDI controller you have...
but you also said that it's a factory setting which I cannot change., so probably you can't in practice ;)
more like a limitation of the MIDI controller and not one of Qsynth(fluidsynth) I'm afraid!

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x42-midimap should be able to do it, once properly configured; discover what those "notes" exactly are with the help of tools like gmidimonitor and midisnoop, and then map them as the desired program changes to the channel you need.
Debian has it in the x42-plugins package.


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