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USB microphone

I'm trying to configure qjackctl to use a Blue Snowball USB microphone as the input device and the system sound for output (with headphones).
When I click on Setup and then Advanced Parameters, how do I select the appropriate options?

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on Setup > Settings > Advanced:
Output device: (select your system soundcard device)
Input device: (select your Blue Snowball USB microphone)
but maybe it won't work at all, it really depends on whether both devices can work correctly under the very same common parameters (sample-rate, frames/period and periods/buffer)... as always YMMV.

And should the Audio setting be Duplex or Capture Only? I thought maybe the output was going to the microphone with Duplex.

Here's what the documentation says about the mic: Sample/word Rate: 44.1 kHz/16 bit.

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