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SynthV1 Screen sizing (UI)


Downloaded and installed SynthV1 with no problem and it all works fine except for one thing.

The UI is too big for my screen and it makes no difference if I change the screen resolution can anyone help?



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hi, what screen is that? normal synthv1 size is somewhat fixed--it can only be enlarged but there's no point on that, IMO.

normal synthv1_jack GUI size is about 1175 x 500 (w/o window frame)... are you saying your screen size is lesser than that?



Thanks for the response, I will check later and get back to you.. I did change the UI to 1280 X 1024 first on my 7" pi touchscreen and that didn't work. then I did it on a standard 21" moitor and again, no effect. Bu I will check again.


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