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Mighty impressed

Hi Rui

I have to admit I've been using Qtractor on and off for many years - I've allows built songs track by track reconnecting the inputs to the new track etc.. - I simply didn't know that it was possible to record several instruments simultaneously..!

Having read the recent posts in the Qtractor forum I've finally worked out how to create new buses and thus use Qtractor as a true DAW with multiple ins and outs.

The trick of course in the view bus window is to select an existing bus in order for the create button to be active - otherwise it is greyed out. Once you know this everything works out (or in) fine.

Very powerful - mighty impressed.

Regards, Simon

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I know and I'm sure it's been told here several too many times around that the bus configuration dialog (View/Buses...) is not that of a model in intuitiveness, if you know what I mean :) But then again, and this has been also confirmed as too many times, once you figure it out the first time then everything just turns out next like a breeze. It's not just the buses dialog, you can also see the same interaction pattern in some other dialogs in Qtractor, specially the tempo map one (View/Tempo Map...).

And if you find that all cumbersome, to match the bus layout to your most frequent or current studio rig and patchwork, you can always turn your nice bus layout graved in stone and turn it on as a template (View/Options..,/Display/New session template). That way, of course, every time you start a new session from scratch (File/New) you'll get everything ready OOTB. You just need to pull up your sleeves, may that be the right wording for you :)

Ah, re. simultaneous recording, well, uh, look! there's this motto up there since its birth: "An audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer". What dit you thought about the "multi" part of that? ;)


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Hello Rui

I guessing that many moons ago Qtractor started out as a multi-sequencer but now it's a very serious digital audio workstation - in fact I would say I spend more time using Qtractor as a recorder than sequencing - an incredibly stable recorder at that.

Best regards, Simon

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