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No outputs with any other driver than 'alsa'

I'm running the latest version of qjackctl built from source on ubuntu 20.04.

I installed the Alsa-API library and if I select alsa in qjackctl's driver options, the outputs (including my USB interface) appear fine.

My goal is to use portaudio to stream audio from a custom software to dedicated speakers via a USB interface. If I select portaudio (or any driver other than 'alsa', I just get 'default' as option and the server does not start.

What am I doing wrong?


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nothing wrong; working as intended :)

on Linux, only the "alsa" driver may show you the existing devices; for "portaudio", i believe but not sure obviously, the existing device list is only shown on Windows; all other cases you have to name the device name either literally, if you know it of course, or better use the "(default)".


Ok, maybe I was asking the wrong question then. (and wow you're fast, thanks!)

Essentially I'm using Unity which should output 10 audio channels. In the Unity packages configuration it was somewhat vaguely specified to use portaudio as driver (and I figured this is used for getting the Unity outputs appear as inputs). Am I getting this right or am I completely lost?

Now if I select portaudio as driver and try to launch the server I get /jack-1000/default/jack_0 failed (err=No such file or directory) error.

If I select alsa as driver, the server starts fine, but I only see my soundcard's inputs/outputs and not the app's.

What am I doing wrong? :)

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re. I only see my soundcard's inputs/outputs and not the app's.

you only get those apps ins/outs only after you start them (the jack apps) not earlier.


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