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Showing Graph automatically

I really like the Qjackctl Graph, and while there are several patchbays available i would like to stick with Qjackctl.
I start Qjackctl hidden in tray, but i would like to have the the Graph window to open whenever i start Qjackctl, is that possible?
Thank you.

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well, just keep it shown up when you leave, and it will go up next time...
frankly, what window manager do you have, that doesn't do that for you in the first place? ;)

I'm using i3wm.
I tried several times exiting Qjackctl with the Graph window open but when i launch it the Graph is not showing.
If I disable "start minimized" it works but it shows also the Qjackctl main window, so half problem fixed.
It would be cool if i can invoke the Graph button with a command like "qjacktl --show-graph" or something like that and assign it to a keybind.
But anyway, thank you for all your great contributions and your time, I really appreciate.

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You can always use the following d-bus command:

dbus-send --system / org.rncbc.qjackctl.graph

provided you have Setup > Misc > Enable D-BUS Interface on.


It works! Thank you very much.

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