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qmidinet and ardour6

I have been trying to get qmidinet to work with ardour6/mixbus6 on ubuntu studio 20.04 and having problems connecting with either touchdaw or qmidictl android apps

I tried following the instructions here:
1- Install QmidiNet on your DAW machine
2- Install QmidiCtl on your crappy disposable & sandboxed personal tracker / phone
3- launch QmidiNet (you'll just see a tray icon)
4- Connect the MIDI output of QmidiNet to the right input of your DAW :

For Qtractor, connect the QmidiNet output to Qtractor's input in the ALSA tab
For Ardour, connect the QmidiNet output to Ardour's "MTC in" input in the MIDI tab

Yet it doesnt work.

I tried setting it up as a mackie control surface as well but that solution didnt work either.

If there is any additional steps or gotchas please let me know.
If you have some betas for me to test im game.

is there any test or simpler apps i can connect qmidinet into to ensure i am getting i/o from android?

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hi. first of all please check your local networking setup:

a. make sure no firewall is in charge for your local network segment;
b. make sure the multicast IP address and port must be ALL the same on ALL the apps (qmidinet, qmidictl: address and port 21928 are the default, as this are kept for original ipMIDI compatibility...);
c. if you have more than one activated on any of your machines, always use the interface name (eg. "eth0", "wlan0") that connects to your local network, explicitly (ie. don't use the default "(Any)"); this applies most especially if you have for instance a VPN tunnel through the internet or even a network bridge adapter for running intrough VM guests (QEMU/KVM, VirtualBox, etc.).
d. I'm not really sure what MIDI port you should connect qmidinet to Ardour precisely but it sounds kinda weird it's the "MTC In"... on Qtractor you can make it to any MIDI input port *iif* you don't have the special dedicated "Control" ones, for which it should be just those and none other.


i dont see anything wierd network wise.
Was good mentioning virtual box tho i turned that off. still no success.

Is there any way to look at what qmidinet is recieving from the phone app if anything? I tried qmidirouter but wasnt seeing any. i am trying qtractor as well and no success.

At a loss how to debug this connection

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