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qjackctl, qsynth and rosegarden with ubuntu20.10

I am having problems with playback in rosegarden.

qjackctl starts fine with pasuspender. I get playback in audacity via jack so I assume jack is ok.

qsynth seems to start up ok and qjack sees it and connects it to the system playback

But I get no playback from rosegarden. I initially assumed this was rosegarden selecting no port rather than the synth port but when I checked 'manage midi devices' in the rosegarden studio there is no synth port.

So I checked qsynths messages which after a string of straightforward messages end with:

fluidsynth: warning: SDL2 not initialised, SDL2 audio driver won’t be usable
fluidsynth: error: Unknown integer parameter ‘synth.dump’

From checking google neither of these appear to be fatal.

However checking aplaymidi -l also lists no synthport on port 129 as I would expect.

It is 5 years since I last tried to use these programs together so I am a bit out of touch. Am I seeing a problem with qsynth or should I be looking elsewhere?


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where and what are the fluidsynth and qsynth package versions that are installed in your case?

no less importantly, what does qsynth > Setup > Audio dialog says ? specially on the Audio driver selection please?
if it's "sdl2" then you're not going to find much help around here I'm sure, sorry


Thanks for the speedy response.

There appear to be copies of both qsynth and fluidsynth (described as shared libraries) in both /bin and /usr/bin. If it is helpful fluidsynth is a file dated 29/05/20 23:30 and qsynth 03/08/20 17.39

The 'about' button on qsynth tells me I am running qsynth version 0.6.3 using fluidsynth 2.1.3.

In qsynth settings midi driver is jack, channels = 16 and midi bank = gm. audio driver is jack, format 16 bits, sample 44100, buffer 64, count 2, channels 1, groups 1, polyphony 256, jack client name qsynth, auto connect is checked.
Soundfont is /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2

Just to add one more thing. If I drag and drop a midi file on qsynth messages tell me that tyhe file is playing but again I get no sound.


Not sure if silence means you are too busy to respond or equally baffled that qsynth does not appear to be working as expected. If it is the latter then I might as well give up on midi music and find a new hobby.


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please try to set the MIDI driver to "alsa_seq"--as far as I can remember, and last time I've checked, Rosegarden doesn't "speak" JACK-MIDI ...

re. If I drag and drop a midi file on qsynth messages tell me that tyhe file is playing but again I get no sound.
as matter of fact this one is a somewhat known issue and the culprit seems to be related fluidsynth v2 (fluidsynth v1 worked fine).


Many thanks. Rosegarden works fine with alsa_seq as the midi driver. 130:synth input port appears in the rosegarden midi devices in studio and aplaymidi -l also lists FLUID Synth on port 130. Drag and drop doesn't work so looks like a fluidsynth v2 issue.


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