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Cannot set sample rate for jackd to 48Khz

Hi I am coming here as a last resort. I cannot seem to get Jack to operate at 48000 sample rate or for that matter anything other than 44100.

My hardware is Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Gen 2. It is set at 48000 it is recognised by my system and all inputs and outputs work perfectly. However regardless of what sample rate I set in the various config files for Alsa, and jackd it starts always as 44100. Every config file I can find has default set at 48000.

If I boot my system in Windows (which I seldom do) Everything works at 48000 or I can set the scarlett at 96Khz and reboot and all works at 96000.

On Linux sound is complicated. I have tried to logically go through all components. Alsa configs are set to 48000, Pulse configs are set to 48000, qjackctl shows sample rate as 48000 but jackd starts at 44100. I must be missing a config file somewhere. My system is Ubuntu 20.04.1 running the standard Ubuntu qjackctl form the standard repos and shows version 0.5.0. I am aware there are later versions but not in the LTS repos.

Can you point me in the right direction to resolve jackd starting at 44100 and not 48000 as per configs.

My system uses SystemD.


If I enable the 2 repos for your applications and libraries will that install a later version of Qjackctl?

Any help appreciated. As I got no responses anywhere else, LinuxAudio, LinuxMusicians etc.


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re. If I enable the 2 repos for your applications and libraries will that install a later version of Qjackctl?
yes, for qjackctl alone you can go with the "Applications" repo only. (eg. ppa:rncbc/apps-focal).

about the stickiness to a 44100 sample-rate I'm afraid I cannot help you much there; what are your evidences that jackd is actually running @44k1 ? please, look into the messages log for clues... try using the jack d-bus interface instead, see if it behaves to the same result... you'll need to install a modern and recent jackd2 for that, I believe, do you have it installed right?


Hi thanks for the reply.

I am running 1.9.2 jackd2 it is using jackdbus.

I am at the point of removing all audio related components and starting again. As there is clearly some kind of conflict happening.

I will try your new build from your repo.

BTW I love qjackctl. thank you for creating it.


Installed your new version. The new graph takes a bit of adjusting to but I like it.

Thank you.


Just a bit of feedback on the Graph versus connections.

I love the look of the graph but connections is much simpler to follow. this is just a simple example. With more equipment connected things are very messy.

Also the look of Qjackctl has not changed with the new version, it does not look like your picture. Mine looks like the attached picture.


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it's all about your preferences: Graph vs. Connections button, whether to show buttons text, etc. check Setup > Misc > Buttons for options... :)


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