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Editor windows full size


In previous git versions I noticed there's the full size button in the title bar, so one can make editor windows to full screen size again. Though, in git version this feature is again gone. No chance to make editor windows full screen size when keeping on top of main window.

Why was this full size button removed again?

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on the qtractor (upstream) side of things there was no single change that might remotely relate to that symptom!...
are you sure you haven't touch any internal or even external options in between? widget theme style, DE/WM, anything?


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Oh, yes.

Lately I added XFCE desktop environment to my OS for testings. Perhaps this happened in XFCE. Atm I'm again as usual in JWM/Rox and all behave the same. No full-size button in editor window when kept on top of main window. :(


Honestly, the best way to control these things IMHO is with your window manager. I happen to use a great "tiler" called i3 and have tweaked my configs in order to drive my work flow the way I want it. I'll include the magic below and will elaborate as needed based on any responses

for_window [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="Mixer"] floating disable
for_window [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="^Calf*"] floating enable
assign [class="(?i)carla" instance="(?i)Carla2"] $ws5
assign [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="Mixer"] $ws3
assign [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="^Aux Send*"] $ws3
assign [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="^Calf*"] $ws3
# This has to be last
assign [class="(?i)Qtractor" title="(?i)Qtractor"] $ws4

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