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QjackCtl and Qtractor icons display wrong when installed by appimaged-go

Hi Rui,

I've raised an issue with the appimaged-go author regarding the incorrect display of QjackCtl and Qtractor icons. These display fine under the original appimaged.

The author of appimaged-go has suggested the problem is that the applications are specifying a SVG icon instead of PNG. Looking at your for these applications, in their Github repositories, it looks to me that you install a hicolor 32x32 PNG.

Would you be able to look at my issue and perhaps add a comment to support, or otherwise, my statement on PNG usage and his request that 256x256 PNG icons be provided, please?

The issue is at:


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both the .svg (scalable) and .png (32x32) are in the source code tree and deployed on regular distribution installations.

i believe the (my) upstream .AppImage is built with the .svg selected as primary icon (i guess from the .desktop file); the runtime application itself uses the .png (32x32) and that is going to stay that way, at least for a while longer...

please use the one you see fit to purpose.


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