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Automate Aux Send?


I've got a few aux sends activated with Direct Access set to Send Gain. I'm curious to know if I can use automation to change the gain over time. Essentially, it would be great to build or decrease the amount of effect being applied. I'm posting the question here because I don't see an obvious way to achieve this.


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yes if the Aux Send is inserted on a track, no otherwise.


That's a bummer as I have it applied to a bus. Is there any chance support for this could be added?

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yeah I know :)

tracks are the only ones that carry on timeline information, buses are just dumb devices, they know nothing about the past, nor the future, so they are not automatable, sorry ;)

and no, this isn't an overlooked misfeature: it's absolutely WAD.
sorry again to tell.


No biggie. I appreciate the conversation and managed to come up with a solution that moves things in the right direction. Basically, I duplicated the track and bus for starters. I removed the aux send from the first, took all the dry out of the second, and then used automation to manipulate the volume of the "wet" signal (2nd track/bus). It basically achieves what I wanted and provides a new avenue for creativity. Certainly enough to play around with...

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