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Destructive Editing

Hi there,

I realize that Qtractor is not set up for destructive editing, but on a few occasions, I found that it does when editing MIDI.

For example:
1. Create a MIDI track with data
2. Duplicate the MIDI track
3. Forget to unlink the new duplicate
4. Delete data from the duplicate track
5. Notice that the data from the original has disappeared
6. CTRL+Z to go back a step
7. Instead of putting the MIDI data back, it goes back to step #2 and removes the new track
8. Data is lost

If I made a mistake somewhere, please let me know. Otherwise, these steps delete data, which has happened to me and I have not been able to recover from.

Thank you for your help!


I've dealt with this so many times and really believe the "link by default" nature of things should be made configurable for this very reason. That said, I'm guessing your step #4 involved deleting MIDI data from within Piano Roll? If so, I'm of the opinion PR maintains a completely independent undo history than the Arranger window. I have no evidence of this of course, but still think I'm correct :)

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...PR maintains a completely independent undo history than the Arranger window

yes, that is correct: to undo what you've made on a MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) you must do it on under that very same window.


@windowsrefund: yes, this is exactly what happened. For some reason, I thought the histories overlapped. Perhaps from an evolution/history perspective, they were kept separate. In my case, going to previous versions of qtr files did not help because the linked/edited midi file was the same for all.

@rncbc: For some reason, I thought you had a Qtractor release that stated that new versions of qtr files would produce duplicates of the associated files; e.g., midi files. However, I can't find those release note - so, I must have been dreaming about Qtractor too much.

Now that I understand "the rules", it makes sense, but this is one of those few things where it would be great if it was a single history for all.

Thank you.

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