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noob question about routing

i recently got back into qtractor and foss audio after using sunvox for a while. one thing i'm trying to do as a test is route the audio from midi tracks with synth plugins into a bus with b.shapr so i can do a "sidechaining" effect. sadly, i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to routing

i tried using aux sends, but i must be routing things incorrectly, because the audio still seems to go straight to the master instead of the bus i created

would someone help me out pls? thx


So, to confirm, you have selected the bus as your audio out for your MIDI track?

alright so i discovered the output menu for the midi tracks (you have to right click on it and go to the "audio" section), and i can see the bus's meters dancing around now, but how to i route it to the master? with the connections, it seems to go to the input, but i need it to go to the output

EDIT: discovered i can do this by clicking the "monitor" button on the master input bus, but is there any other way?

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rule number one, in a sentence: internally--and that's what we're dealing here--it never "goes to the input"; internally, all signals _always_ flows towards output buses ;)

on MIDI tracks, the audio signal goes to the first defined output bus, being quite usually the one named after "Master Out" by default;
however you may select and choose to any other audio output bus if you prefer--that's exactly the suggestion you followed there;
if you wish to "tap" or "fork" to yet another output bus as well then that's exactly the purpose of an "Aux Send".


really? then why do the meters on the input move as opposed to the output when i route things through connections? or there something i don't understand here?

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because Connections deal with _external_ connections, outside to qtractor itself; for some reason the routing we've been talking about has been all _internal_ ;)


okay, so what is the best way (if there are more than one) to route the output of a bus to the output of the master bus?

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with an "Aux Send" you can route the tapped signal to the internal input of an output bus;

the output of an output bus is a set of JACK output ports, so you may connect them externally to anywhere as long as there are JACK input ports out there; note that routing outputs to outputs makes no sense.


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