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Linux Mint MacBook Pro and Qtractor no sound

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction please? I am trying to move my production platform from Logic Pro X to Qtractor. I have a 2014 MacBook Pro (11.3) and Linux Mint Cinamon. Sound is OK when playing MP3 files or watching YouTube videos but I have no luck with Qtractor. The internal mic shows input and I can record to a track and see the wave pattern. On playback the led output bars trigger in time with the recording but no sound at all. So frustrating!! Richie

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hi Richie,

you shall verify whether the Master Out ports are actually connected to your system::playback_1,2; if they are, then please check your JACK settings for the indented sound device: you may well use qjackctl for that effect, or else, use any other JACK front-end of your liking eg. cadence, (formerly ubuntu) studio controls. or, better yet asking, which one are you using?


ps. are you on PulseAudio? check with pauvcontrol whether outputs are being muted or diverted somehow; I really can't help you there 'coz I've replaced PA with pipewire already :)

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