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Patchbay does nothing on windows

title is pretty self explanatory, the graph view keeps forgetting my setup and the patchbay view seems do do nothing, connections shown in this image

using qjackctl 0.9.4 on windows 10 2004 with bitwig in jack mode and reaper in asio mode

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you need to *save* and *activate* the patchbay, otherwise it does nothing, even on non-windows systems :)


Ok will give that a shot thanks, how do I activate the patchbay btw, also is there anywhere I can find documentation for this, I've been looking for a while and can't find anything

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there's this button on the top right, enabled only if saved to file (.xml)

you may gg around and this very site for some written words (and pics), the most interesting though should this one:

QjackCtl and the Patchbay


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