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synthv1 - attempting to choose a preset quits the program


I'm using synthv1 with Qtractor. When I browse to select a preset file in synthv1, it closes Qtractor unexpectedly.
It does this even before I have a chance to see the preset file for synthv1. As soon as I browse to the folder to select a preset, Qtractor closes.
Any ideas?

I'm using synthv1 0.9.23 (in the About screen, it says: using Qt 5.15.2)
I'm also using Qtractor 0.9.24 (also Qt 5.15.2)
and qjackCtl 0.9.5

Ubuntu MATE 20.04

Thank you,

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in synthv1 UI, on menu Help > Configure... > Options, see if switching "Use desktop environment native dialogs" makes any difference.

on a side note, i'd also recommend you to try the repos, most specially install the Applications (focal) PPA, in your case, and update both qtractor and synthv1-lv2; the later is specially tailored as fully self-contained (using Qt 6.2.2-static atm.) and should cause you no worse or arm (even under Ardour ;))


Thank you! I used the PPA's and it works now.

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