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How we can change parameters value on settings menu in Qsynth ??
I try to add "synth.dynamic-sample-loading" to registry with value "true", but on program i can't see changes.
Anyone know how to change it ??

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hi and nope. you cannot change the fluidsynth.settings from the GUI, sorry.
your best bet would be to make irt through the command line eg.

qsynth -o synth.dynamic-sample-loading=1 ...

yes, "1" for "true" but that's just a guess, no guarantees, sorry again :)

Thanks for quick reply. Bat file it's work :)

Hi Rui, I have a strange problem. I updated my OS to Devuan 3 (a non Systemd favor of Debian). When running QJackCTL, Qtractor and Qsynth, I get Audio from the WAV tracks, but the Midi tracks only play the midi Piano direct to Master. All other midi tracks do NOT route to the Master, but they can be heard as a reverbed when the Reverb is enabled. I purged all the above three programs and compiled your current QJackCTL, Qtractor and Qsynth (via cmake) and I still have the same problem. Your thoughts would be appreciated. DaveM.

Hi Rui, An update... I purged fluidsynth and compiled the current Fluidsynth via cmake. I still have the above problem. I started playing with Qsynth (0.9.11) -> Options -> General -> Output peak level meters. Tick meters ON and the midi Drum tracks are back :-) Tick meters OFF and the midi Drum tracks are gone :-(
Your thoughts would be appreciated. PS, I love your software projects. Big thanks from NZ (down under). DaveM.

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hi, thanks you're welcome

you say that all other channels but one (MIDI channel 1) only work or sound with the Qsynth's output peak level meters turn on?
that's quite strange and never heard of, but again, I don't often turn the meters off... well, tbh. I never turned them off ever since inception :)
so, if that fixes the problem, keep them on all the time ;)


Hi Rui, 1) I have an older machine with Qsynth 0.9.1 it does not have this problem. 0.9.11 does. Midi channel 1 (piano) keeps working. All other channels/tracks disappear (no dry signal), but strangely still appear as (wet signal only) when the Reverb is on. 2) True, I will use with meters on :-) Thanks for your time. DaveM.

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good call!

I'll have to investigate whether having the output-ppms infrastructure might be a benign fixture...

anyway, keep them to show up, always, and that's all I can say for now ;)

cheers && thanks for heads-up

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now fixed in qsynth >=

hopefully, please test && tell

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