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Keeping the same delay tempo from an external processor in a Qtractor session with a different tempo

Hi Rui,

If you're thinking "what an extensive title" I agree! ; )

I was playing guitar through rakarrack today, using a delay set to 180. When I had something I liked I tried to record it to Qtractor, but with a session which tempo was 90. What happened was that the delay tempo in rakarrack was matched up with the session tempo so whenever I wanted to record the guitar had a delay of 90 instead of the desired 180. This didn't happened with ardour, that's why I suspect that is related to qtractor. I guess the solution might be a simple tick-box I'm overlooking (as usual), or something in jack transport (?). I'm looking and trying but I'm running out of ideas.


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I'll have to investigate this.

It seems related to JACK transport and the way Qtractor assumes its time-base master role. Make sure you set the proper Qtractor transport option (see View/Options.../Audio/Control).

My guess is that rakarrack is slaving to whichever tempo is current on Qtractor, provided the latter is functioning as transport master which means it's also time-base master (tempo).

No sweat.

If you don't want rackarrack to slave to Qtractor's tempo (as time-base master), which I think it's what you ask, please try setting Qtractor transport option to None or just Slave so that it won't propagate transport and tempo information trough rakarrack or any other client application for that matter.

However, it might happen that rackarrack also has similar options related to JACK transport (if not, you might ask their developers to add one:), so you'll have to try on either side which best fits your scenario.


Thanks again Rui!!!

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