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Qjackctrl doesn't see all applications

Hi All,

I'm running the JACK Audio connection kit to do some routing for my live setup. I run the JACK server but it doesn't "see" some of my applications, namely Reaper and Reaktor. Reaper and Reaktor also doesn't see the Jack server as an audio option either. Jack does see other applications though

What am I missing getting these to talk to each other?

Mac OS 12.2.1 Monterey
Reaper 6.13/64
Qjackctl 0.9.7

Thanks for any help!


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> Mac OS 12.2.1 Monterey

sorry, I cannot provide support to anything but GNU/Linux platform.

however, for Reaper to appear in the QjackCtl Connections or Graph, it *must* be configured to work with JACK, something that I recall (vaguely) it does not ever on MacOSX. I also remember (again very vaguely) that you would need to have running some bridge/router utility for that to happen, that is to interface non-JACK-aware applications to JACK on MacOSX... can't actually remember its name, was it JackPilot ? but I'm afraid it's a decade old abandonware by now, either it doesn't work anymore with recent JACK *or* (most probably) OSX versions.

sorry again

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