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I'm new in the world of samplers and want to be able to play with my Yamaha P-120 in another tuning of my own. I have Linux and so I ended up with your samplv1, apparently the only free sampler that allows detuning (congrats on that! and thanks a lot for your work!). I could make it work with qjackctl, with an audio wav sample that I recorded with Audacity. My question: is there any free (piano) sample library that I can load with samplv1? I tried with a *.nki file (Native Instruments) and *.pcg file (Korg) I found for free, but no audio comes out that I can hear. I looks as if it does load it, however... I've attached a screenshot...

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Greetings, Daniel

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hi, thanks for trying out samplv1, good to have you on board

first, samplv1 can (only) load open (and non-proprietary) audio pcm sample file formats, that being, for example, files suffixed to .wav .aiff .flac, etc. -- you may well check that out in the open sample dialog for that matter... rest assured that anything else is not going to work, whatsoever, you are here advised.

visual rule-of-thumb being thought: if you don't see any waveshape drawn there it's not loaded and thus not supported ;)

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