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Success story: qmidictl, qmidinet and Ardour 7


just a very short success story:
- Install qmidictl on your smartphone/tablet
- Install qmidinet on your Linux PC
- set multicast address and port to the same value in both applications
- Connect "qmidinet out" with "Ardour MMC in" via Jack, there is no need for activating a general MIDI controller
- Start controlling Ardour with your smartphone


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hi, congratulations

shamelessly enough you can do same with qtractor ootb. :)



this is not my setup, I am a qtractor guy :-)
I just recommended qmidictl and qmidinet in a german musicians forum for an Ardour user and it worked only by using the MMC input, so I documented it here.

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good grief,

for a moment I thought you were a deserter XD


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