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The Unthinkable...


After a wholelotta years, decades to be precise, in deep uber-procrastination, it's now being promoted into a real thought...

Cheers ;-) 🐱


Changing the concept "Beta" to "Stable" may seem like just a change of word.
(We all feel Qtractor has been stable for a long time).
However, it is still emotional :).

Congrats. You deserve a ton of credit for what you have produced and I for one, am very grateful. Looking forward to the event. Perhaps we do it realtime on IRC or whatever the cool kids are using now-a-days?

There are still some crashes when I load old Qtractor sessions and create a new bus. But it's so hard to reproduce and as a workaround always fixable when I use a name like AAAAAAAA or zzz (depends) , retry often enough and rename the bus afterwards. It's mabye a race condition.

I think the time has come to do the unthinkable.

Thanks for writing and maintaining the "DAW of the hearts" that isn't called a DAW by its author :)

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it starts today, in due order and it's not only about qtractor, ALL qstuff* is going to be affected!... :)


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