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Qsynth fully migrated to Qt4

That's right. As of today and without warning, Qsynth has been officially ported to Qt4, completely and without a trace of Qt3 support. This marks the start of a series of tasks that I've been postponing for almost a year now, but the inevitable, boring and daunting effort of converting an aging Qt3 code base to Qt4 has finally seen some success.

As one might expect, QjackCtl and Qsampler will follow, just don't know whether it will be shortly or what. Just because my summer holidays are getting nearer and nearer :) Family rules.

For the record, this Qsynth migration effort took almost two weeks to complete, and affected ten thousand lines of C++ code, roughly speaking

The next official public release will be thus tagged as 0.3.0, which will occur as soon after a cautious and sane staging period, just to clean up any leftovers of this recent code storm.


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