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Qsampler does not load SFZ or SF2 files


Thanks for all the great software. I've been using Qsampler 0.2.2-2 on AVLinux 4.2. I notice that Qsampler does not seem to be able to handle SFZ and SF2 files which have been added to linuxsampler CVS. When you open the "New Channel" dialog the "Engine" menu lists "GIG, SF2, and SFZ". However, when you try to load a SFZ or SF2 file via the "Filename" entry box browser the file browser ignores SFZ and SF2 files. My suspicion is that you have not yet added SFZ and SF2 functionality to Qsampler.

Another problem which is hard for you to solve, is that Qsampler segmentation faults a lot of the time when I start it, but if you keep trying it will eventually work.


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if you're already running linuxsampler-cvs why don't you try qsampler-cvs as well? qsampler-0.2.2 is way too old to know anything about sfz or sf2 :) please, try qsampler (cvs head)


Ok, thanks a lot, I'll give the CVS version a try.

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