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TYOQA is Now!

On the verge of the summer solstice (read astronomical years middle point) and after years in the making (read procrastination), track automation or dynamic curves, as some like to call, is finally a reality, tricky though but real nevertheless. The very first milestone has been bumped over already and is publicly available for the brave to experiment. All in the latest & greatest subversion trunk, of course. For the version-tag-savvy, this is all about Qtractor :)

Also worth of note is that I'm pretty confident that this is no feint, and the brave may well look at this bleeding-edge milestone without much pain, if any at all. They can even enjoy a few fixes in the process, as a bonus. No strings attached :)

As always, the gory details will be revealed to those who jump in early and live to tell the experience ;)


[UPDATE.1] TYOQA News: all qtractor automation suff is now fully undo/redo-able. checkout svn trunk rev.2243+ (aka. qtractor

[UPDATE.2] TYOQA News: MIDI track/channel volume and panning automation has been finally fixed and promoted to fully functional status; enjoy.

[UPDATE.3] TYOQA News: finally, automation's working on audio track export (was fubar), on svn trunk (qtractor


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Hello Philippe,

16ms is a bit on the edge, some might notice it, some don't. If I really focus I notice it, especially when I'm playing guitar through Guitarix/Rakarrack so I prefer having a (system) latency below 10ms ( for example 48Khz, 128 frames and a buffer of 3) when doing real-time stuff. I don't think it's related to the version of JACK you're using, there shouldn't be any difference. And you're right to stick with 48Khz. USB sound devices prefer system latencies which are a round number ( and you can't achieve that with a sample rate like 44.1Khz, you can with 48Khz though: number of frames/sample rate*number of periods=system latency
So 48Khz, 128 and a buffer of 3 would yield: 128/48000*3=0.008, so a nice round number. And the snd-usb-audio kernel module most definitely supports 48Khz.



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aha, even if it would be just one song... ;)

btw. i could only listen to it on firefox. chromium (webkit) doesn't seem to play well with the page/link you posted. i think you'd like to know.


P.S. many thanks for your comments re. setup, gear and workflow, really appreciated.

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Well here this morning it works here in chromium-browser-stable-12.0.742.112, but ogg support is shaky nowadays.

This site is a small CMS that I put together to be able to make my (and everybody's) music available ; What I linked was the "beta" version (it's been in beta for more than a year, h'chouma diali) that only uses html5 audio tags.

What you experienced happens to me on a regular basic, be it with firefox, or chrome (each time I try it on opera it works but..) Generally when that happens, the broswer refuses to play any html5-based audio, so I don't worry too much, since it's a *huge* problem it's not mine only ;) Thank you for the heads-up though, I was going to release the CMS, but I think I'll wait some more.


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