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TYOQA: Qtractor 0.5.0 - The Alpha Zulu awakening!

Howdy! TYOQA (the year of qtractor automation for the clueless) is now pretty real. I'd say it's all been my prerogative, again and again, doing things my own way (do I hear Frank S. singing? nope. move along...).

Is this the time to do the unthinkable? Should I tag it as beta now? Should I? There's one single reason for not doing so and a couple of others to make it through:

  1. basically it's all the same functionality that stays put or improved in a few spots;
  2. it just feels like it! :)

Now comes the mighty corrosive one: I'll be off on vacation soon. Summer is waiting for me. And I just hate to miss that kind of deadline. Woohoo!

Is there anything else to mention? Go ahead, make your day:

Qtractor 0.5.0 (alpha zulu) is now released!

Release highlights:

  • TYOQA! Audio/MIDI track and plugin parameter automation (NEW)
  • MIDI controller catch-up behavior (NEW)
  • All zooming in/out relative to views center (NEW)
  • Audio gain/panning smoothing changes (FIX)

Happy summer 2 y'all!

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Project page:


  • source tarball:
  • source package (openSUSE 11.4):
  • binary packages (openSUSE 11.4):
  • from the dusty shelf: user manual (anyone?):
  • Weblog (upstream support):


    Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


    • MIDI controller learn/catch-up sees the way in: MIDI controller changes are now only effective after catching-up with their respective program parameters, avoiding abrupt jumps and keeping a safe and continuous behavior.
    • Track/Height menu is now featured, giving access to Increase, Decrease or Reset the current track height.
    • All changes to audio gain and panning on tracks and buses are now applied following a piece-wise linear ramp, reducing the old nasty clicks, pops or zipper artifacts that might be awfully audible on some situations, most specially on automation.
    • All zooming in/out is now relative to either the viewport center or current mouse cursor position if found laying inside.
    • TYOQA! the underground sources have emerged:... after years in the making, track automation, or dynamic curves as some like to call, is finally a reality, tricky but real ;)
    • Audio clip anti-glitch/ramp-smoothing effect is now slightly independent of current buffer-size period (mitigating bug #3338113 effect).
    • Once buried under the Edit menu, Clip menu has been finally promoted to top main menu.
    • Debugging stacktrace now applies to all working threads.
    • Fixed muted loop playback on audio clips ending coincidentally with the loop-turn/end point.
    • Old/deprecated JACK port latency support added to audio recording latency compensation.
    • Audio clip merge/export lock-ups now untangled (fixes bug #3308998).
    • LV2 extension headers update.
    • Fixed configure of newer LV2 host implementation stack (LILV) when older (SLV2) is not present.

    Enjoy && Cheers!


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Have a nice holiday Rui (and everybody here) and thank you *very* much (a big Beta Bravo ;) ) for the Alpha Zulu !

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Alexandre Prokoudine gives Qtractor 0.5.0 a nice review. Add to that a primer on automation and that's even nicer. Thanks.

Qtractor MIDI sequencer joins automation club


Thanks a lot for the alpha zulu and have a happy summer ;)

Nice one, thanks for that release!

Well done Rui!
Looking forward to trying the new version soon.
Catch some rays and enjoy yourself - you deserve it.

This feature looks amazing!

"MIDI controller learn/catch-up"

I'm using Novation Automap in windoze (or "ruim"-dows) that has this "mixer pick-up" feature. I just have to install the dependencies and compile the new version later tonight.

About the manual, I'd like to contribute, but I've to spend some time to get to know all the new features since 0.3.0 (get to know the whole thing actually, as I'm new to qtractor). I could contribute with some tutorials with some good workflows and include some of the best features that fits in.

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re. MIDI controller learn/catch-up
have a note that the learn feature has been there for quite some time now; what's actually in the news is the catch-up feature...

re. user manual
hurray! that's the best news i've heard lately. think of that as the best kind of donation you can wave in.

if you want to start right away, there's the source (in the form of an odf of the last know incarnation of the user manual: qtractor-0.3.0-user-manual.odt. you may find that some parts are definitively outdated, and there's only reference for the audio part of things. MIDI has been left out mostly because the primordial authors didn't have much the experience with things like that.

i'll be eager to ear from your nice workflows ;) i'm sure hope you'll get into something really interesting in no time ;)


Ok! I'll start to have a look at it this weekend.

Useful website - I hope your vacation was great!

Wow, it has a midi controller and that is awesome. I just want to know if we can save the audio file as MIDI. If I can do that then I am definitely going to save a large amount of hard disk space. Thank you for the share.

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