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I really want to try Qsampler, but it's not working. Please help.


I'm trying to use Qsampler(installed from the Ubuntu repositories), but I get this when I try to start it:

Qsampler: Error
Could not start server. Sorry.

the message logs say:

Application asked to unregister timer 0x7500000f which is not registered in this thread. Fix application.
15:13:49.219 Client connecting...
15:13:49.241 Server is starting...
15:13:49.243 linuxsampler
15:13:49.246 Could not start server. Sorry.
lscp_client_create: cmd: connect: Connection refused

It's possible that maybe I haven't configured jackd correctly (I'm not sure if that's a factor here or not), or the Ubuntu package maintainers may have mis-configured Qsampler(I think that there is a required dependency called 'linuxsampler', but it is not in the repos or in /usr/bin). Can anybody offer any advice on how to fix it?


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yeah, you really need to install linuxsampler. reasons why it isn't available on the ubuntu repos is beyond me.

without linuxsampler (the actual sampler engines server) there's not a faint hope on getting anything out of qsampler. anything useful that is ;)

again, you might like turning to the kxstudio and search for the right ppa/repos's or whatever it's called for ubuntu.


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Hi there!

Linux Sampler for Ubuntu can be installed from these ppas:

For the unexperienced users - of course not Rui ;-)
The second link seems to offer the most recent version, always take care of dependencies and only activate the needed repos!


Thank you both very much for your replies, I was able to get it working in KXStudio.

It turns out that Ubuntu rejected linuxsampler from their repositories because for some reason they added a "no commercial products" clause to their GPL license. I think they might be re-adding it in Ubuntu 12.04, as it's showing up as an optional install for Qsampler in Ubuntu 12.04 alpha1.

OK, same problem here, running Linux Mint 15, looked for 'linuxsampler' both with synaptics and software manager. Both offered me only 'Qsampler' which when I install halts with a refused connection to server. (Exactly as above)

Trouble is I'm 100% newbie to Linux and unsure of what to do when people say things like "always take care of dependencies and only activate the needed repos!" so that stops me in my tracks. I understand the principles of interdependencies, but haven't a clue how and what I need to do to get this running or what would just make things worse or crash my OS.

Is there an 'easy' answer or should I go back to the Linux Mint forums and ask there?

Any help (apart from long complicated explanations that will just confuse me further!) gratefully received.

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you certainly need "linuxsampler" as it's the real thing. qsampler is just the front-end aka. user-interface aka. the client to linuxsampler, the server. so you'll probably need both qsampler _and_ linuxsampler packages installed, whether available from your distro...

the main problem here is that linuxsampler is not usually packaged by mainstream distros due to some esoteric licensing issues. but don't let refrain you for hoping for some other independent distro or packagings.

one notable example is the KXStudio repositories which might well work with your Linux Mint installation. try it out, you'll find there pretty many goodies besides the latest and working qsample/linuxsampler.

you can also follow the forum esp. KXstudio and Linux Mint, which might get you faster where you want :)


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