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Qtractor 0.5.3 - The Delta Whisky natural cask strength!

TYOQA is over.

Qtractor 0.5.3 (delta whisky) drops from angels share!

nuff said.

Impromptu highlights:

  • Clip drag-and-move stepping with keyboard arrow-keys (FIX)
  • Plugin parameter automation GUI feedback (FIX)
  • LV2 plugin Qt4 GUI support (FIX)
  • Clip/Split on current play-head location (FIX)



Project page:


  • source tarball:
  • source package (openSUSE 12.1):
  • binary packages (openSUSE 12.1):
  • once upon the time, eons ago: : user manual:
  • Weblog (upstream support):


    Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


    • Fixed initial LV2 plugin UI widget/window titles.
    • Attempt to get any brand new LV2 plugins Qt4 enabled UI's working on either slv2 and lilv build modes ;) (nailed by falkTX, thanks).
    • Current clip is ultimately inferred from the one under the play-head position and current selected track; the last one clicked over and/or selected still has precedence (following request by Loiugi Verona).
    • Drag-moving clips horizontally with the keyboard arrow-keys just got a step better with a fixed minimum of one pixel, depending still on the current snap-per-beat setting and horizontal zoom level (as suggested by Louigi Verona, thanks).
    • Get maximum and minimum peak values back when drawing audio waveforms.- Automation play/feedback has been missed to show on those plugins that provide their own GUI, now on par with all the rest 'homebrew' widgets (eg. generic plugin properties dialog).
    • All plugin parameters automation and selection were left inaccessible until the generic native plugin dialog is eventually shown, now fixed (re. bug #3463916).

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    Enjoy && Happy New Year!


Hi !
I've successfully built Qtractor from SVN today in the hopes to get Windows VST support working (however, this might be a "user error", too). Here are my configure options:

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-vst=~/Source/qtractor-svn/vstsdk2.4/pluginterfaces/vst2.x/ --enable-lilv --enable-suil --enable-lv2-state

The package built and installed successfully. Hehe, it runs, too.

However, I'm not seeing any Windows VST plugins in the plugin browser. I do see "dssi-vst" (twice) but it simply cannot be added to the plugin list. Maybe that is the problem ? Running "vsthost" by itself works just fine (as well using both fst and dssi-vst via "festige".

I guess my question is this: How do I actually add a Windows VST(i) to the channel plugins ?

rncbc's picture

windows VST are indeed supported through dssi-vst (and wine); windows VST dll's should be located by VST_PATH environment variable search path and listed on qtractor under DSSI plugin type.


That's odd:

$ echo $VST_PATH

$ ls /usr/lib/vst/ | grep .dll
Classic Auto-Filter.dll

$ vsthost Massive.dll
-> Works fine.

In Qtractor: Add Track -> Plugins -> No Massive or Classic Auto-Filter found anywhere :( Trying to add "dssi-vst" as plugin directly does nothing (doesn't come up in list).

What can I do to troubleshoot the issue further ?

Ok, it appears I'm closing in on the issue: I copied a new plugin over "Sound Delay.dll". Now when I launch Qtractor I can see that RemoteVSTClient has updated the cache to include the new plugin. However, no matter what I try I cannot get Massive.dll and Classic Auto-Filter.dll to show up. I tried deleting them from there and readding them but no dice.
Are there any particular restrictions regarding VST plugins ?

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i'll say it again, slowly:)

  1. windows VSTs are supported through DSSI-VST and WINE.
  2. DSSI-VST looks for windows VSTs executables (.dll) under the directories listed on VST_PATH environment variable.
  3. windows VSTs that are eventually found by DSSI-VST (dssi-vst-scanner) are listed on qtractor as of the "DSSI" type; do not ever expect to find them under "VST" plugin type which stands for native linux VSTs (.so), not windows.

if you still cannot find your way through this indirection, please tell what is the output of:

dssi_list_plugins -v

with special attention due to the ones under .../ ...

anyways, also do try to set VST_PATH variable to directories with windows VSTs and only.

also take a look to some ramblings and comments around here:


I finally understand how this one will work. thanks for giving me this one.

I've read other posts and I cannot find any suser-j.engelh repository to get kernel-rt. I get this error when I try to start qjackctl:
12:50:18.709 Patchbay deactivated.
12:50:18.714 Statistics reset.
12:50:18.715 Could not open ALSA sequencer as a client. ALSA MIDI patchbay will be not available.
ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: Permission denied
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server socket
jack server is not running or cannot be started

what do I need to do to make it run? I want to hook my keyboard up for recording...

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it seems you need alsa sequencer kernel module loaded, otherwise you won't get any midi out qtractor and several other midi applications...

iirc, from the YaST \ Hardware \ Sound settings panel, have the "Start sequencer" option tuned on and that's all. you only have to do it once.


I downloaded the source but how do I get all of its dependencies?

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add the great "Packman" repository to your YaST \ Software \ Software Repositories and there everything you need is readily available for install.

you must have the following installed before running qtractor (-devel for building from source):

libqt4(-devel), libjack(-devel), alsa(-devel), libsndfile(-devel), libsamplerate(-devel), libvorbis(-devel), libmad(-devel), dssi(-devel), liblo(-devel), librubberband(-devel), slv2(-devel)

and all sub-dependencies which yast/zypper will command you to follow install.



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