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The Ninth Hitch Nail

After some great and deserved vacation, summer is almost in its way out and one could find some time to bump a few more tricks over the head. BS aside I've managed to get it ready for another pre-release of this hobby project of mine, as an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for JACK and ALSA,

Qtractor (Ninth Hitch Nail) was just settled.

Yes, this is yet another alpha iteration but this time it comes with important bugfixes and chalks a few long time planned features on the board. Upgrade, if that's the case, is obviously recommended.

Grab it from the official places:

As before, the change log says it all:

- MIDI edit tools (quantize, transpose, normalize, randomize, resize) are all functional and ready for experimentalism; gets in its own top-level menu and form with named preset store and recall functionality (EXPERIMENTAL).
- Main form backward and rewind transport actions are now being immediately enabled when playing from the session (zero-time) start position.
- Audio and MIDI export sneaks in and in form and accessible from the main Track menu (EXPERIMENTAL).
- MIDI track channel is now properly set on session (re)load; track background color changes was missing the alpha setting.
- The mix-down buffering was fixed again, now taking multi-track overlapping clips into consideration (was a lot more broken since the recent glitch-looping fix).
- Dirty MIDI clip editing control has been fixed but still somewhat hacky nevertheless.
- First attempt on solving a nasty MIDI editor bug, which was quietly and severely crippling MIDI files while saving offset edited clips.
- Session loop (re)setting is finally now an undoable command.
- Yet another insidious bug has been swept away from under the carpet: once again on audio looping, some astonishing old and crappy session cursor seek-backward statement was lurking to be laid off. Gone now, simply as it is, growing old on this :)
- A tremendous bug has been fixed: audio looping is now a little more glitch-free as the mix-down buffering was badly broken even since its primordial implementation. Rejoice.
- Minor improvements on track-view cursor updates and visual tracking while recording.
- MIDI editor windows get their keyboard accelerator/shortcuts back in business, whether opted as tools always on top or not.
- The infamous "Keep tool windows always on top" global option is now infecting the Connections, Mixer, Plugin and MIDI Editor window instances with no probable regrets. To be used with discretion, of course.
- Session update/initialization gets it clean on startup.
- Range selection action (Ctrl+R) is now back in business with the added bonus of being accessible from all MIDI editor instances too.
- Common edit-head and tail cursor positions are now under common control and display from all MIDI editor instances; the session loop-start/end points are now also shown on every time-line and share the same control behavior across all MIDI editor instances.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do ;)



Hi Rui
really a GOOD update!
Now are midding only my request features for make it working like one styles arranger.
Continue in this way and you will make realy one amazing but really simple to use sequencer!


rncbc's picture

Thanks, that was just the bottom-line result from my last summer vacation time :)

I'm still struggling in analyzing your gigantic feature requests for qtractor/arranger. Just letting the dust settle down for a while ...

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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