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Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007

After a very long period of judging progress, which practically took the whole summer, the folks from the Qt Centre have come to a verdict with regard to their first edition of the Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007. The contest results have finally arrived this last weekend, and besides the understandable delay I sincerely hope this one won't be the last. Congratulations to the whole organization team, judges, sponsors, contestants and of course, last but not least, to the winners :)

And there it was. Truth is I am very pleased to brag about my submission, nothing less than Qtractor itself, has raised to the 2nd place under the Desktop Application category, the one that fitted and with more contestants. Congratulations to the winners on all categories, and a special bow to the Marble team, which took the head and also made the remarkable feat in scoring in two categories.

Onto my side, I just hope that any of the two books that are deserved to me are not any of the couple I already own about Qt4 programming :) Which are:


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