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Yet Another Vee One Prototype

following in the same vein, like "look mamma, I've made this!", here goes yet another proto-toy called samplv1--an(other) old-school all-digital (of course) polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx.


have a sample:

upstream svn trunk:


still rough in the edges but pretty functional; as the previous one, it comes in both forms of a JACK stand-alone client and a LV2 instrument plug-in.

have fun.

install options:

  1. pure stand-alone JACK client, with JACK-session and ALSA-MIDI input support:

    qmake && make [install]

    target install paths:
    ~/bin (debug, default*)

  2. LV2 instrument plugin:

    qmake && make install

    target install paths:
    ~/.lv2 (debug, default*)

  3. (*) edit corresponding .pro file for proper debug/release target.

    cheers && enjoy.


Installed this, however it shows only the standard Qtractor GUI with which I don't seem to be able to do anything.

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maybe you're running an outdated qtractor version? best results are always with latest svn trunk, guaranteed :)

meanwhile, try the jack standalone (samplv1_jack), it's exactly the same beast but lacking obvious host automation like qtractor or ardour3 can give ;)


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You need a qtractor version built with the latest LV2 headers in order to see their GUIs. For Ubuntu 12.04 I have a package with those headers in my PPA (lv2-dev). I'm also about to upload a qtractor package build with these headers. And a samplv1 package that contains the LV2 plug-in should be on its way too.

AutoStatic PPA


Hi, Mr Capella. I'm trying to build this plugin in LMDEx64 (Which is based on Debian Sid) and I get this error:

samplv1_lv2.cpp:30:47: fatal error: lv2/ No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [samplv1_lv2.o] Error 1

I've installed all the dev-libs I thing this plugin needs, but I'm still having this error. Any ideas?


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you need the latest official lv2 (>= 1.0.0) which will override pretty much everything from old lv2core et al.


Good, That made the trick! Thanks Rui.

Tired standalone version. This is great! I dreamed about a good sampler and this one is even with all the LFO and vol envelope and with some nice built-in effects! I really like the direction of your synth and LV2 experiments, Rui!

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of course you meant "tried" ;)


Today started the standalone version again. This time could not get any sound from it. I deleted some previous presets and now the app starts blank, with all the settings reset, with volume envelope reset as well. Changing volume envelope or any other parameters does not produce any sound at all. Don't know what's wrong.

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this might be an obvious observation though, have you verified that the standalone (samplv1_jack) does not auto-connect its jack audio outputs? you'll have to make a patchbay rule for just that or connect them manually, of course, same for midi input.

to start a new patch from scratch (blank) you just need to hit the "New preset", first button on the top-left (depicted by a white blank sheet); then you certainly need to load a new audio sample file by double-clicking on the wide canvas rectangle just below.

i believe that you know all this and more by now. i am just checking out the obvious ;)



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