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Qsampler 0.2.1 (unstable-qt4) released!

On the verge of the first coming LinuxSampler release that is tailored for (surprise, surprise...) Windows, here is what follows from a recent announcement here. This is it:

Qsampler 0.2.1 (unstable-qt4) has been released!

You can have it from the sub-official project site:

or wait for it being available after the supra-official party.

Straight from the change-log, which does no justice to the least:

  • Added recent new support of libgig for retrieving instrument names in a very fast way. If libgig provides this feature, then the respective name retrieval setting in qsampler is enabled by default.
  • The current selected/activated channel-strip is now visually evident while in the application workspace (highlighting).
  • Make View/Menubar and Toolbar shortcuts accessible even though the main menu and toobar are not visible.
  • Audio routing table is initially hidden in the dialog, when creating a new sampler channel.
  • README requirements and configuration notes update.
  • Disable OK button in sampler channel form and MIDI instrument form if no valid engine is selected (to avoid bothering newbie users with confusing LSCP syntax errors when using the UI the first time).
  • Fixed creation of devices (don't try to set device parameters which the user did not touch in the device creation dialog).
  • Added Windows file path support.
  • Fixed win32/qmakefile and win32/config.h so that it compiles under win32.
  • Qt4 port of the application.

Cheers && Enjoy.

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