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Logging option file size huge

I just found my log file was over 600mg . Could you add alittle txt next to Logging saying something like log files can become
very large. Or even limit file size.
Love our work
Thanks jpw

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i don't find that such a serious problem.

you can delete the log file any time. no hard feelings :)


Qjackctl interface . I had been using preset names for diff setups and { in parameters ( Name ) I was using
the process name as reported by /pro/asound/cards so it would always find the right card even if the order changed after a boot. Well this causes
any jack app not to run reports cant connect to jackserver only default works.

Can you clairify perhaps I'm not using it right?

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i'm afraid to misunderstand your question, if at all :(

is that all about which alsa device name in "Interface" setting? ain't none from of the [>] drop-down menu gets it right but "default" ?

sorry if that confuses you even further. ouch S anyhow, plese, don't hesitate to rephrase your question.


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